Certification - description

Certification - description
  1. Certification audit

The objective of 2-stage initial certification audit is to assess in detail the compliance of your established QMS with requirements of the certification standard.


The purpose of the first stage is to review documents related to your QMS, to evaluate specific aspects of your locality, and your understanding of requirements of the certification standard. We will assess as to whether internal audits are planned, performed and reviewed by management members, and as to whether the level of implementation of the quality management system constitutes a precondition for your company to be ready for the second stage of audit. The first stage may/may not be conducted on site.  Based on the documented findings, the programme of the second stage of audit will be approved/amended.


The purpose of the second stage of audit is to evaluate the implementation of the quality management system in your company, including its effectiveness. The second stage comprises mainly the preparation, conduct and assessment of the on-site audit, the processing of records form the audit, the issuance and award of certificate. The issued certificate is valid for a period of 3 years.


  1. Annual surveillance audit

Within the certification cycle, we will perform a so-called surveillance audit once a year, which is intended to verify the maintenance and the effectiveness of the implemented QMS in your company. In the course of such surveillance audit, only selected parts of the QMS are verified and it will be focused on examining the actions taken in respect to non-conformances identified in previous audit, handling of complaints, reviewing of any changes, your using/misusing of certificate mark, and an overall assessment of QMS effectiveness, including its maintaining (internal audits, review by management). In total, 2 surveillance audits will be preformed within the 3-year certification cycle.  


  1. Re-certification audit

A re-recertification audit will be performed after the end of 3-year period following the initial certification audit.The purpose of the re-certification audit is to verify the overall electiveness of QMS with respect to any internal and external changes, its continued importance and applicability to certified business activities, and your undertakings to maintain the effectiveness of and to improve the management system within the full scope of the certification standard ISO 9001