Auditors of certification body ELBACERT are owners of certificate of external auditor in according to harmonized scheme for certification of persons EOQ – European organization for quality, what represents the guarantee to verify the qualification of auditor including permanent increase.

All persons participating on audit realize that they provide a service, by the examine of audit they are mainly professional, competent and politely. Auditors are aware of being by the customer and they are forced to lead the customer with theire activity to continual improving of management system.

The purpouse of audit is not to find mistakes, auditors are on audit to indetify noncomformities, which do with major way influence the service of rated/certified organization and show the possible improving orientations.

By the audit they focus on findings, which are substantial in term of possible improving, they can't be interpreted in a way, which can be understanded as consulting service. Absolute secrecy of all evidences, informations, facts and actions, which were finded by the audit examin are the object of client bussiness confidentiality.

Auditors are mainly pragmatically orientated – they are concrete, functional, adequate demands of praxis; they care of internal relations of certificated scopes, they try, that audit gives the customer the added value.

Audits strictly pass by according ISO standards 17021 mainly:

○ good preparation, consistently overstudied available documentation,

○ initial conversation,

○ audit performance,

○ final conversations,

○ assesment report